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At last!!!!!! I couldn't believe that I'm blogging from my own PC at home :-) I was looking for a net connection since I bought this comp on Jan 2003!!! When I asked Sift at that time, they told no connections in my area. Touchtel & other DSL connections require a phone connection, so obviously they were rejected. I tried iquara. Again no connections @ velachery. I gave up. Last sunday when I was in Food world saw Sify stall. They said its now available in Velachery and already they have a switch in my apartment. Wow. Signed up immediately. Today they came and installed it. One Sify guy and two more guys from the franchisee cable company came. It took them around 2 hrs to install the cables. When I asked them whether they want tea, they politely refused. They I've to change the question: would you want tea or coffee? they were now hesitant. I said ok I'll prepare coffee and without expecting answer, I went an prepared. When they finally finished and were ready to leave, to my surprise, they didn't ask any tips. I asked Ravi, how much shall we give. We decided to give 100 bucks totally. When Ravi gave them the money, they refused to get it !!! I don't know whether they have strict rules not to get anything, but that was quite surprising. People normally expect tips for doing these kind of stuffs and usually I wont give any. These guys came @ 8.00 in the evening and when they completed it was around 10.30 and sure they have not had their dinner yet as they come directly after completing an installation in another block in our same apartments. I was impressed by the way they behaved and talked and more importantly the way they worked. Despite this, they refused to get any tips. mmm. no words to say :-)

The speed of the net is not so satisfying. Infact very less than office. As per the scheme, there will be no net during day time, but then browsing is legal and can keep the IE window open without any fear :-)

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