Back to Mac :-)

When I got the offer from IBM, I asked whether I can get a Mac as my official laptop. My manager said ThinkPads are the defacto ones and thats what I would get. But after joining IBM, I searched intranet and found a way to get Mac as an official laptop. First my team needs adequate funding and then I've convince my manager with *real* business reasons, and he has to convince his manager, and he in turn has to convince his manager and he inturn ... The chain goes all the way up to the heaven and ultimately He say 'Go on' and the approval comes down. The entire process took months, but then its worth of it.

Now I got a shiny new 2.4 GHz MacBook. I managed to have all my apps running native, so I didn't even install any Virtualization software or use BootCamp. Good bye Windows and Hello Mac - again :-)

I should say the new ones are absolutely gorgeous. Light weight, better battery backup, multi-touch trackpad etc. Few things I noticed is that the apps are not compatible to 10.4. So when I try to connect to my older personal Mac, I can't load the photos here, unless, they are converted to the new format. But converting to the new format means that I can't use them on the older one. So the solution is to upgrade the OS in my older Mac or don't use official laptop to view/edit the photos. I prefer to the second option. Another annoying thing is that the screen is glossy and the reflection is very high. I haven't noticed it in my MacBook or the earlier MacBook Pro. I had to change the direction of my office table to cope up with this. Very minor annoyances and I can definitely live with that for the Mac :-)

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