What a deal!

Yesterday when I came out of Bangalore Airport, I saw a big advertisement for a residential apartment. It said about a free gift with every purchase and a jackpot prize for one person.  What's surprising in that - you ask. Well the free gift is a brand new BMW Car and the jackpot prize is a personal jet or a private island! I was about to fall down and then read the whole advertisement. The ad was by Damac and property is in Dubai. Hmmm, Ok. Bangaloer is real estate prices are under controlor is it that Bangalore people decided that the prices here are too high and started investing in "cheaper" ones like these? ;-)

I had my camera with me and took few snaps in the return journey. While my flight was waiting to enter the runway, another flight was landing. With the evening sun in the backdrop it came out as a nice snap. Check it out

Bangalore Airport Flight landing

Bangalore Coimbatore Flight

Bangalore Coimbatore Flight

Bangalore Coimbatore Flight

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    great shot!!
    good composition of the shot where the other flight lands