Priceless Expressions - 7

Digicam is fun. Don't have to think about the aperture/speed combinations, don't have to worry about lighting and don't have to worry about whether the snap was find or to reshoot. Just keep taking pics. I tried in B&W mode in my D350 and the results are good. These pics are not taking in Color and converted to B & W using software. I think, if I have done so, the results won't be this good. Will dig about this and blog later, till then the pics (with few other color photos):

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Those are good photos.

    I agree with you on the quality of B&W picture, but that is true only in case you are converting a JPEG. If you shoot in RAW and then convert to B&W on your PC, you will get similar results, if not better.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I'll be surely experimenting RAW. Waiting for the weekend :-)