Apple updates its iPod series

With the invitation itself, it was well known that its going to be a special iPod event. The photos of iPod Nano leaked in the media, well before the event. Full screen iPod & a Wi-Fi enabled iPod were much expected. So what were the real surprises in yesterday's event?

  • The original iPod or simply "iPod" now gets a name - "iPod Classic"

  • Who cares?

  • iPod's max battery life is now 30 Hrs of music or 7 hrs of video

    • Cool

  • iPod's storage goes up to 160 GB

    • Wooops!

  • Starbucks- Apple deal

    • On one side a (once) computer maker with passion in music & on the other side a coffee maker who creates music that wins Grammy awards. Interesting deal !

  • Safari on iPhone & iTunes Wi-Fi store

    • A perfect match for Wi-Fi enabled iPod. What else to say?

  • 4GB iPhone is dropped and 8GB is now priced at $399 only

    • For those early adopters, who are complaining: (i) Nokia's timely wit (ii) I paid ~ $500 for an 20 GB B&W screen iPod which had 6 hrs of battery life. Should I complain now? No. Remember one thing with the electronic gadgets. As soon as they leave the designers table and enter the manufacturing line, they are outdated. The next generation cool device is already in the Designer's table. You can keep on waiting to get cheaper, better products. That will never end.

  • Bluetooth in iPod Touch???

    • Although steve didn't say anything about that, Apple website is displaying an image (at this time of writing) with a Bluetooth icon. See it the top-right corner of iPod in landscape position?

    In essence, Apple armed itself perfectly for the holiday season. This year, even more number of socks are going to have iPod. Bad news for Zune. A price cut just before this event is not going to help it. Good news for everyone else.

    PS: I'm eying on the iPod Touch. Might get one soon :-P

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