WWDC 2007

OK. Leopard Beta is out. Steve came up to the stage and showed the 10 great features out of 300.

  • Finder. Steve heard the FTFF cries. Now the Finder is WOW! Windows Explorer is a history now :-)

  • Core Animation. The true power of Mac. As per the demo, it was unbelievable. Movies playing in the screen and doing a search on the tags of those movies - all live!!! We need apps to take this power and deliver it to the user.

  • Spaces, Dashboard, Time Machine - nothing much new to mention. Just as we seen earlier.

  • Safari. The performance figures are quite impressive. And they are releasing a Windows version to kill IE! No, I'm not going to switch to Safari even on my MacBook. Not until all the Firefox extensions that I use, work in Safari.

  • iPhone ships with full fledged Safari. So create web apps. No iPhone SDK. Steve, are you kidding?

Verdict: I'm not going to upgrade to Leopard. Let me wait till the next version with more compelling features. Ah, for that matter, not going to purchase an iPhone on Jun 29th.

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