Bravo, SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission of US has done a brave move, which is to be welcomed by every e-mail user. Confused? Read this. It takes lot of guts to take this decision. These kind of decisions will definitely reduce spam mails. What next? Ban the sites that sell the software at "unimaginable cost"? Ban the pharmacies which sells the viagara and "increase my length"? Ban the banks which "approved loans"?

For me above all, I'm willing to donate my

  • 3yr old PC loaded with Ubuntu

  • my Adidas T Shirt that I bought with 50% flat discount

  • my Project Manager

all to Google, if they can freeze the email ids of persons who forwarded me the great "Vijaya T. Rajender & Mumtaj in Veerasamy" photo.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dai, add ur new MacBook to the donation list.. hee hee