Change remains constant

The rumor finally comes true ! After ditching Intel for several years for its chips performance compared to PowerPC ones, Apple is switching to Pentiums. One of the main reasons for the switch is IBM & Freescale, producers of PowerPC chips, were not able to meet the supply requirements of Apple. Additionally the heat generated by the latest PowerPC chips disqualify them to be used in Laptops. A Powerbook with G5 processor still does not exist. Backward compatibility? While M$ always tries to provide a backward compatibility to any extend (I remember when I was in College & .NET was introduced, one of the first experiments we did was to create an exe with C# and run it in a M$ DOS machine. Believe me, DOS was able to load that file and said, "Windows is required to run this program"!), Apple makes very bold decisions like this. They don't try to wear the Golden-Handcuffs called backward compatibility. They moved the hardware architecture in the late 80s. They drastically changed the OS and moved to BSD Unix kernel for the modern Mac OS. Now they switch the processors. Everytime they do a major change like this, they loose a small amount of customers, but then they do get new customers in a pretty much big number.

So what next? A M$ Windows with Vmware & Mac OS on top of it? Dell getting license from Apple to create Apple PCs with preloaded Mac OS & selling it? Code with Visual Studio and execute it on Mac OS? The arena is now open and fantastic things are yet to come. Lets wait. May be I'd be blogging from my brand new Mac in an year from now :-)

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