The power of Javascript

I've been thinking of learning some scripting language for a long time. I prefered Jython for various reasons, but couldn't always make it. Now I'm forced to learn javascript to use it in my webapp. Microsoft's Script debugger doesn't work always and I find it very annoying to put alerts everywhere to debug it. But slowing I'm learning the power of Javascript. I've seen the small boxes in GMail for the labels & invitations, which can fold & unfold at a click. The important thing, is it won't affect the layout of the page! I thought of simulating it. All I have to use is Javascript and play with CSS. Althought I couldn't get the smooth corners, its working :-)

You can have lots of fun with Javascript. People use Javascript to protect their web pages. In few pages you can't right click and do a 'Save Picture As..." or "View Source". They block the context menu with Javascipt. Look at this page for example. Want to crack it? Simple. Type "javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null)" in the Address bar and try right click ;-)

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