A drama called democracy

I'm living in the largest democratic country in the world. And this week there was an election in the powerful democratic country - US. I could see lot of people who compares US and India and says how good it is. 'Look at the roads in US, Indians should learn from it', 'Look at in US, Indians should learn from it', blah, blah. Now I see the electoral system in India and US. I'm sure that there are few things which we should learn from them - first and foremost is the % of people who go to the booth and vote. (May be if every voter starts casting his vote, we will get good leaders) But on the other side, the system as a whole should learn from India. We are just a developing nation we all have voter id cards. But being a developed nation they still don't have a concept of voter id cards. Means if a citizen wants to vote, they go to the booth, say their name & address and sign and cast their vote. Thats it! Ha! thats stupid. Even I can go there and say that I'm someone else and vote. What if everyone does like that? So to prevent it they have a concept of challengers. The parties can send people called challengers to the booth. They can watch the voters and challenge a person for his identity and right to vote. mmm. This sounds similar to the practice that is done in India. We do have some people representing parties in the booth and identify the voters. (it was before the voter's id scheme. I didn't vote this time, as I just landed from US :-(, guess it will be still followed) And the funniest thing is that the Constitution allows parties to send challengers, but in few states like Ohio, the civil right activists challange this section in the Constitution and so no challengers. Its a mess :-) Its all because the most powerful nation in the world was not able to issue a voter id, which we have done years before !!!

Now after the polls, Bush stays back in White House. Did I say that 'if every voter starts casting his vote, we will get good leaders'? Sorry I take it back ;-)

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