A pretty long weekend

Last Thrusday, Guru mailed me from Bangalore asking when is Maddy is coming to Chennai.I replied him that he will be here next week for our pondi trip. Minutes later, I get a call from Maddy and he said he is calling from periavedu! He said he will be coming next week also for the pondi trip. Oh man. From Hyderabad to Chennai on 2 consecutive weekends with 2 days of leave for every week. Guess his company just gives salary and not work. mmmm. Anyway we all went for a lunch at Sangeetha and then suddenly decided we'll go to some movie in Mayajaal. Ravi had work and he had to return to office. We didn't force him, we we didn't have enough vehicles (my muthukarupan got a flat tyre on that day) Bunking college and going to movies is a different thing, but here we all bunked office and then went to a movie(& G Rainbow Colony - I'll blog soon with a review). Long time we didn't have this kind of gettogether and it was fun and interesting. After the movie was over, I went to office for the dandhiya night. It was fantastic. For sometime everybody was dancing with the sticks and the movements that were taught during the training session. But it was only till some point. After that high tempo songs started playing everybody dropped the sticks and it was all dabbangutthu. I was just standing and enjoyed watching it. Somehow I realized I didn' feel like dancing. I was wondering what happened to me. Either because that I didn't have any company or beacuse I'm growing out of these things. Oh! Means I'm getting older. This hurts :-( Ok. Lets forget that for a moment. The next three days were enjoyable. We went out for roaming, shopping and another movie too. This was a second show in a theater nearby. The movie was Madura - a dabba movie, (and so no blogging on that) but ok for a Rs. 15 ticket. 4 days went just like that! After a long time, I guess I'm having a looong and enjoyable weekend. Next week planned to go to Pondi and hope to have more fun.

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